The college admissions process has never been easy. From deciding which high school courses to take to collecting letters of recommendation, it’s a stressful journey. And it’s not getting any less complex or competitive as the years roll on.

According to Edvisors, an online education planning resource, the average student submits at least six college applications. While six might not seem like a lot, it’s a 30% increase from a decade ago. Yet at the same time that applications are going up, acceptances are trending downward.

But there’s a glimmer of hope for aspiring undergrads and grads. Several companies have emerged to help students navigate the college application system. These businesses are lifting the curtain on college admissions by offering a range of guidance and tools.

Which organizations stand out for their ability to decode college admissions and acceptance practices? The following five are leading the pack — and leading to “yes” results for campus-bound young people.

1. Spark Admissions

Specializing in shepherding students and families toward Ivy League and top-100 colleges and universities, Spark Admissions boasts impressive outcomes. Spark’s co-founder, Dr. Rachel Rubin, also wrote the largest student to date on how the top 75 U.S. colleges make admissions decisions. The company maintains this research-based approach and is structured to provide one-on-one counseling throughout high school. Spark Admissions helps students develop and improve their narratives, leadership, resumes, and competitiveness in the college admissions process.

What makes Spark Admissions a number one pick is its college admissions consulting team. They are a consulting firm that has developed a process for its full-time college admissions consultants that is honed and improved upon constantly to allow students to achieve their admissions goals. Every member of this team has deep admissions experience and experience advising students and teaching writing. This has led the company to have the best admission rates in the country. As a result, college acceptance rates for their counseled students are up to eight times better than national averages.

Teens as young as eighth grade can start working with the Spark Admissions team. No other college counseling option is as research-based or objectively successful for ambitious learners.

2. Matriculate

College applications can be especially tricky for first-generation or financially insecure applicants. This is where Matriculate can be a huge asset. Matriculate is designed to offer advising support to juniors and seniors with high grades and aspirations but limited income.

Matriculate is free for students who qualify, making it a natural match for thousands of students across the country. To date, Matriculate has made a difference in the lives of more than 14,000 high schoolers. Plus, 97% of students who go through college preparation, selection, and admissions with Matriculate stay in school.

The framework behind Matriculate’s setup is connecting students with virtual Advising Fellows. Advising Fellows are trained undergraduate college students passionate about helping high schoolers find and follow their education dreams. They shepherd students through Matriculate’s proven curriculum and application advising process in under two years. Ultimately, Matriculate’s ability to connect Advising Fellows and students has led to impactful college decisions for teens who might have skipped college.

3. College Essay Guy

Filling out applications can seem like a piece of cake compared to writing college essays. It’s well-known that a phenomenal essay can move the needle for a student whose acceptance may be on the fence. Unfortunately, many students — even those comfortable expressing themselves in written form — are stumped about where to start.

College Essay Guy is one provider trying to demystify college essay generation. While the website boasts quite a few educational resources like podcasts, webinars, and articles, its essay services are customized. Students are paired up with an admissions coach who helps not just strengthen their college essays but enables their unique skills to shine in the essays. College Essay Guy seeks to lead students down a path of self-discovery as they tighten their writing and communication abilities.

What about students who have already drafted their college essays? College Essay Guy can still be valuable. Refining and reviewing essays are part of the numerous a la carte items provided. For students and families who are struggling economically, College Essay Guy may be nearly free. More than 2,500 students have received pro-bono college counseling from College Essay Guy.

4. CrackAdmission

Not every student going through the admissions process is a newbie. For instance, consider younger and seasoned adults seeking MBA degrees at well-regarded, exclusive business schools. They can wind up feeling the same level of anxiety as teenagers because MBA programs are so competitive.

Headquartered in India and led by graduates of premier institutions, CrackAdmission works only with business school applicants. Like other college coaching solutions, their formula is based on years of strategic learning about MBA applications. As such, CrackAdmission pinpoints the best schools based on applicants’ profiles and then assists with essay writing, resume preparation, and interview techniques.

An added bonus to CrackAdmission is that it doesn’t ignore social media. LinkedIn profiles for all applicants are evaluated to make candidates look as good online as they do on paper and in person.

5. Invictus Prep

A newcomer to the admissions space is Invictus Prep, which was founded in 2022. Invictus Prep’s willingness to “flip the script” on applying to undergraduate schools deserves a nod. It’s a fresh way to look at applications; time will tell if it becomes a mainstream approach.

What’s so fascinating about Invictus Prep? The Invictus Prep philosophy of coaching students is to put their distinctive qualities about the needs of the colleges and universities they’re considering. In other words, rather than putting application expectations first, Invictus Prep puts the individual first.

This is a radically different, holistic way to approach applications. Students are encouraged to identify and embrace their authentic selves rather than try to adjust to a one-size-fits-all mold. To achieve this goal, Invictus Prep ushers students through a series of coaching experiences to develop an individualized narrative of the student’s story. This narrative is then used as the backbone supporting every element of the application.

College is a destination for thousands of students every year. With the help of the aforementioned companies, sending applications doesn’t have to be as challenging, confusing, or stressful. Instead, it can be rewarding on all levels — and lead to untold possibilities.

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