A crowdfunding campaign launched on Wednesday to help with the healthcare costs of Mark Merlino, co-creator of the Cartoon/Fantasy Organization (C/FO).

Merlino’s recent hospitalization resulted in mounting medical bills, prompting fans and colleagues to rally in support.

The campaign offers an opportunity for individuals to assist a significant figure in the cartoon and fantasy world, with a variety of rewards for contributors.

The fundraiser was primarily established to alleviate financial burdens following Merlino’s hospitalization on December 23, after suffering three minor strokes.

The charity drive sought to cover expenses related to necessary healthcare services during this difficult time.

With the unfortunate diagnosis of Stage IV liver cancer, the fundraiser shifted its focus to cover Merlino’s hospice care costs.

At the time of the report, the campaign had raised a total of US$39,983.

Mark Merlino has been a key figure in the anime community, co-founding C/FO, the first anime club in North America, leading to multiple branches across the country.

His influence extends past just the founding of C/FO, playing an integral role in promoting anime culture all throughout North America.

In addition to his contributions to the anime community, Merlino has played a pivotal role in the Furry fandom, and is known for organizing the ModFurence event.

The fundraiser not only provides financial relief for Merlino’s healthcare costs, but also pays tribute to his enduring influence over the anime and furry communities.

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