Multi-strategy hedge funds predominantly keep their profits, leaving a large chunk of operating costs on their clients. As a result, a measly $0.41 per dollar earned is returned to clients due to imposed fees, stated BNP Paribas. Due to their complexity and high associated fees, these funds’ strategies seem more lucrative for the hedge funds themselves than for the investors.

In the investment sphere, Nuveen suggests investors swap their Megacap Tech Stocks for Municipal bonds. Also, critics like Piper Sandler predict possible market sell-offs as the S&P crosses the 5000 mark—issues on price control crop up amidst talks by stakeholders from the Federal Reserve and ECB. Currently, U.S. medium-term inflation expectations are at a decade low.

In international market news, the Asian Development Bank projects moderate growth for the region despite political challenges. The World Bank has recommended domestic demand augmentation and personnel skillset strengthening as effective approaches to mitigate the global economic slowdown.

Former Wall Street prosecutor Preet Bharara has shifted gears to advisement, guiding white-collar professionals on avoiding jail times. In the tech world, Nvidia has surpassed Amazon in market value, while Tesla is gathering worldwide praise for its latest eco-friendly initiative. Other major tech companies like Microsoft and Instagram are making significant strides, from acquiring AI startups to reshaping social media dynamics, respectively.

Exciting enhancements in technology are also noted by Nvidia’s CEO as advancements in AI become more economically viable. In the same sector, the demand for AI-integrated machines by automation giants, such as Siemens, is seeing exponential growth. Research institutions like MIT are reportedly dedicating hefty funding towards AI advancement for scientific applications.

In the entertainment world, Gloria Gaynor has made a notable shift from disco to gospel, with future music projects in the pipeline. NFL’s Roger Goodell, on the other hand, is strategizing for another successful season following the Super Bowl.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin surges past the $50,000 mark for the first time since 2021, largely due to Exchange-Traded Funds’ interest. Its rise is seen as an affirmation of cryptocurrencies’ firm place in the global financial landscape. Similarly, rapid growth within the crypto industry is noted with Digital Currency Group registering a 59% increase in Q4 earnings.

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